Education At a Glance

AS per 2001 Census
Dhanbad District Data
Total Population 2397102
Male population 1278946
Female Population 1118156
Sex Ratio 874
Population Density 1147 / Sq. Km.
Literacy Rate (Total) 67.49%
Male Literacy rate 80.03%
Female Literacy Rate 52.93%

Schools & Colleges
Schools and Colleges In Dhanbad
Total No. of Villages 1348
Total No. of Panchayats 383
No. of Habitations 1974
Total No. of CD Blocks 8
Total  No. of Sub-Divisions 1
Population Growth Rate(Annual) 2.28 %
Area In Sq. Km. 2995 Sq. Km.
No of Govt. Primary Schools 590
No. of New Primary School 755
No of Govt. Aided primary Schools 01
No of Basic schools 04
No. of Govt. Middle Schools 552
No. of Aided Middle Schools


No of Govt. High Schools having elementary classes 39
No. of Aided High School having elementary classes 15
No. of Madarsa 4
No of colleges 9
No of wards in Corporation/ Municipalities 32
No. of functional BRC 8
No. of functional CRC 105
No. of Sanction post of Govt. teacher 4608
No. of Govt. teachers in  position 3554
No. of Para Teachers in position 3619
No. of functional VEC 1901